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   I was born in North Miami Beach in 1973. A few years later my family moved to Florida City which put me in a great location to explore the Everglades National Park or shoot down into the Florida Keys for awesome fishing and relaxing.
   My folks joke that I've been hooked on fishing since I was in the womb. That's because while my Mom was pregnant with me, she got stuck with a hook that had to be removed at the hospital. That coupled with the fact my Dad was an avid fisherman with plenty of fish tales to keep a young boy interested in the water. I guess you could say that story telling has always been part of my life.
   Much like the outdoors, working in Law Enforcement has always been a desire of mine. I joined the Sheriff's Office in 1994 as a Corrections Officer. It wasn't the detective job I always dreamed of, but I figured it was a foot in the door. After three years I got my chance to go to patrol and on the path of detective, but I was also looking at a promotion if I stayed. Over 21 years later and I'm still in corrections at the rank of lieutenant.
   Over the years I acquired a Bachelor's in Management from Hodges University and a Master's in Criminal Justice from St. Leo University.
   One thing has never changed, throughout my whole life I've been telling stories. My own fish tales, accounts of life in the jail, and now the fiction of my twisted mind in print. In my off time I try to squeeze in writing while trying to be a good husband and father of my two girls.
   Hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.


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