They say that a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work; which is true unless you're a charter captain. For Captain Jack Foster, it was a terrible day fishing when he made the gruesome discovery of the body of his friend and fellow charter captain, Tom Underwood snagged in roots of the mangroves.

In the Eye of the Storm, Jack tries to live a simple life and leave his past as a cold case investigator behind him. But when Capt. Tom's killers learn of Jack's interest in the investigation they decide to take care of him and his daughter, Katelyn, before they are discovered.

While defending against attack, trying to figure out clues, and protecting his daughter, massive Hurricane Lynn churns in the Gulf of Mexico and is bearing down on them. Outnumbered and outgunned, will Jack be able to solve the murder and evade the wrath of Mother Nature or are his and Katelyn's fates sealed like Capt. Tom's?

"In, EYE OF THE STORM, James A. Forrest proves he has a passion for Florida, and has an understanding of this crazy state's quirks. This is a writer to watch." - Randy Wayne White

"James Forrest's EYE OF THE STORM is a damned fine read from a new and certainly upcoming Florida writer." - David Hagberg

Eye of the Storm

Economic divide is at its greatest as Corporate America has political control. Demoted to corrections deputy, a sick wife, and a despondent son; Dwayne Schott’s fall from the upper echelon seems as there is no bottom when he stumbles into a group focusing on government opposition. Buried in lies, murder, and deception; judgments must be made and sides must be elected before it is too late.

Black Flag Nation

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